Cloud Migration

Moving to the “Cloud” is not a simple forklift operation. Organizations often work in a hybrid state of Cloud/on Premises and having a roadmap is crucial for maintaining operational state during this transformation. Channelmatter has experience creating roadmaps for moving to the Cloud as well a data planning for cleaning up data/processing at the same time.

DevOps Transformation

The first step to getting closer to your customer is migrating to the Cloud. The next opportunity is streamlining Change Management. A DevOps approach to Change Management streamlines your delivery; automating code check in, improving versioning control, automating regression testing and approval workflows with a stable release. Channelmatter has experience streamlining processes, tooling and culture to help you achieve a functional DevOps culture.


PMO Transformation

Do your projects never seem to cross the finish line? Agile & The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) provide a simple approach for prioritizing, delivering and charting work. If you are new to agile or just need a PMO reboot; Channelmatter can customer tailor a framework for your organization and can provide communication, coaching and tooling to help you improve project delivery.

Cloud Licensing

Channelmatter can offer flexible monthly cloud licensing of Microsoft Technologies to help manage the cost of moving to the Microsoft Cloud.


Collaborate quickly and efficiently across the entire team regardless of location. Channelmatter has experience helping organizations adopt SharePoint, Teams & Skype to improve communication and accelerate collaboration.


Your data tells a story. Channelmatter has experience working with provider financials and clinical data to help you get answers to improve care quality, compliance and financials using a broad range of data sets and tools.

Data Quality

From HEDIS compliance to chart coding, data quality and governance are an ongoing effort for payers and providers. Channelmatter has worked with both to create continuous frameworks for improving data quality helping our customers analyze, prioritize and operationalize data quality improvements.

EMR Migration/Support

Channelmatter has supported multiple EMR transformations. We specialize in infrastructure, training and compliance support to create smooth EMR transitions and provide service desk training and go-live support to help manage service desk routing and provider support.

Workflow & Process Automation

From bed management/staffing, to EMR workflow to Procurement; Channelmatter has experience creating custom tailored workflows in organizations. Channelmatter has a standardized approach for facilitating process improvement that improves feedback and go-live adherence.

Higher Education Outcomes

Higher Education is constantly evolving to improve student outcomes. Channelmatter understands institutional effectiveness and has developed custom tools to help organizations accelerate institutional research and analysis: to improve accreditation, marketing and outcomes.

Digital Transformation Services